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Early Childhood Education & Development

Early childhood education specializes in the learning, developmental, social, and physical needs of young children. Are you meeting your child's needs? Or do you just feel pulled in too many directions? Are you able to provide a comfortable environment where your young children can learn- not just early academics but social, motor, and adaptive skills too?


Unfortunately, schools have been closed for the better part of this year. What role(s) are you playing? Mom, teacher, friend, playmate, or all of the above? You don't need to do it alone.


How do you want to remember this precious time in your child's life? Do you want to celebrate every milestone and be present? Are you struggling to get through each day, especially during the pandemic?


Let's talk about what you want and figure out what you NEED- not just barely getting through the day. Our goal will be to get through the day feeling empowered and confident that you did everything in your power to be a GREAT parent and influence on your children. Let me help you figure it out!


We will have a detailed conversation about what your parenting goals are and what you want to achieve. I will design a program for you that makes sense for your family. It may not be “perfect”, but it will be something you are comfortable with and easy to implement in your household.


Kids in Preschool
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