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My Specialties: An Overview

Parenting & Best Practices- Will You Want to Hangout With Your Children When They Grow Up?

There is no parenting book out there specifically designed for you and your child- that’s the beauty of your children! They are unique human beings and together we will come up with the best plan to raise your little ones- not your mother-in-law’s methods, not your best friends, but yours. 

Family at a Beach
Kids in Preschool

Early Childhood Education & Development- What is Important Right Now?

I have been in the education industry for over 20 years- specifically owning and managing a Montessori school while helping moms and educators along the way. Educating your child(ren) is not all about letters and numbers, it’s about experiences- the ones they share with you where they get to explore and learn about the world they live in. Let me help you simplify parenting and give you the tools you need to tackle these early years before they pass you by in a blur.

Healthy Living & Eating- What do YOU Want For Yourself and YOUR Health?

I have two adult daughters and one of my goals as their mom has been teaching them to love themselves and their bodies; it's not an easy task in the social media age!


Let me help you live a healthier life, set manageable goals, connect with friends, and eat good food that's fast and easy to prepare while moving just a little more :)


No one wants to adhere to crazy restrictions such as working out twice a day or eating the same thing for every meal. There is a way to implement a balanced lifestyle - without restricting your body so you can still enjoy life! Let me help you get there.

Outdoor Snack
On the Top of a Mountain

Personalized Goal Setting & Planning

We all set goals, but often life gets in the way and we forget about all the things we want and planned to achieve. But what about those dreams, the ones that are always in the back of your mind? It’s time to take them from dreams and turn them into reality. 

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