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Meet Zahra

Certified Coach & Parenting Expert

I lived through a revolution at 13, lost my mother, my grandmother, and 8 of my relatives in an airplane crash when I was 14, and reinvented myself through my career three times. I've been married for 25 years, have two adult daughters, and six really great friends who are practically my sisters! I love my life and live every day knowing I've been given a gift with the life I've led so far.


I like fresh cut flowers in a vase, music playing even when I work, all the books and podcasts I can get lost in, traveling near and far-usually where I can look at the water, good ethnic food made with love, and of course my girlfriends- when you get to a certain age, they become pivotal to your success. I'm not going to lie; I like to keep fit so I can look and feel good as long as I can- which is proving more and more difficult with every passing year.


If you've read this far you must be curious... I started with a Communications degree from Boston University and worked for WTOP, a local news radio station in Washington DC.  In 1998, I had my first baby and because the internet did not exist, the information about being a mom wasn't very accessible to me. I also didn't have a mom to guide me, so I decided to get certified as a Montessori teacher. I had my second daughter in 2002 and wanted to help other moms (this parenting thing is hard!), so I opened a Montessori school called Beanstalk Montessori. Unfortunately, I had to close it last year due to lease issues and of course the coronavirus. 

During my time as the Beanstalk Montessori Owner and Director, the most fulfilling part was helping moms with everything from potty training to maintaining their relationships with their partners.  That gave birth to the Beanstalk Moms Club which was essentially my start as a life coach. Not long after the mom club debut, I became certified by the International Coaching Federation to continue my career as a life coach so I can continue doing what I love: helping people!


In a nutshell, I am:

A mom, wife, business owner, life coach, and friend.

I live by the motto "it's good enough" and stay away from "it has to be perfect" since I’ve realized that striving for perfection results in doing NOTHING.

If what you just read resonates with you, give me a call and we can set up a time to chat. From there, we can decide what steps to take to improve your outcome by moving forward. Thank you for taking the time to read about me; I look forward to learning about you soon!


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